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A child’s smile opens the way to a better world.

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    Nonprofit organization
    With about a hundred faithful members, numerous sponsors and about thirty volunteers, Vox Infantis has chosen to take direct, targeted action to help children and mothers in need. It is our goal to raise funds in Switzerland in order to support local NGOs on the ground. We have chosen trustworthy partners in Tunisia and Afghanistan, working with commitment and determination in favor of children and mothers. Our accounts are transparent, and we check the expenses incurred by the beneficiaries against the donations given to them. Besides the possibility of participating in humanitarian aid, it is this transparent financial aspect that appeals to all the people who put their trust in us.

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    School and daycare Center Kunduz
    In July 2013 I went to Afghanistan. I saw for the first time the orphanage we had built in Kunduz. I met Zabi Majidi, our agent and field man who oversees the management of the Center. I also met the vice-governor of Kunduz province who approved our plan to transform the orphanage into a school and daycare center. In summary, it is our Vox Infantis Kunduz association that manages the structure, and Vox Infantis Switzerland who finances it. Despite the difficulties, the efforts undertaken during the past seven years have paid off and the house now hosts nearly 300 children and youth. This demonstrates the real needs of these communities who suffer the consequences of a war lasting for 40 years.

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    La Voix de l’Enfant – The Voice of the Child Nabeul
    The nursery for abandoned new-born babies takes care of 15-20 children. 10 nurses give them love and affection helping them grow. At the same time, the Center looks for adoptive parents who will give them the home they need so much. The adoptive parents stay several days with the baby so that he can “adopt” his new parents too, and leave the Center without the impression of a second rupture. Thus, 80 % of the abandoned babies find new parents in this way. Here is the story of one of the babies. This baby was born at the beginning of the 8th month of gestation. His biological mother stayed in touch with him for 4 months, she came to visit her child from time to time, but finally she gave him for adoption. He left the nursery at 9 months and his new family stayed with him at the Center during 5 days.
    In 10 years:
    - 508 children have been hosted
    - 340 children have been adopted
    - 88 children returned to their biological mother

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If you want to support another Swiss non profit organization that works in AFGHANISTAN for mothers and children in need, we recommend



They help Afghan women coming out of prison and their children

Their bank  relation:

Account owner:

Hope for Afghan Women, c/o Rohina Samim, Avenue d'Echallens 61, 1004 Lausanne

Bank: Postfinance, 1000 Lausanne SWIFT / BIC: POFICHBEXXX

IBAN CH81 0900 0000 1543 6710 7

Your donations are tax deductible in Switzerland.


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Their bank account:

Account owner:

La Voix de l'Enfant, Rue Tarak Ibn Zied, 8000 Nabeul, Tunisia

Bank: STB Agence Nabeul: BIC / SWIFT: STB KTNTT 925

IBAN: TN 59 1030 0031 1596 2827 8888

Your donations will not be tax deductible in Switzerland.



Our Team


Founder and President of Vox Infantis

Hildegard Medina Emam

Born in 1941 in Germany, Hildegard has spent most of her adult life in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2003, when she retired from a 35 year career in international marketing, she put her long-held dream into action: to invest her energy, knowledge and experience for the benefit of children and mothers in need all over the world. Her motto: “Retirement offers a great opportunity to make your contribution to alleviate human suffering.” Her role model? Aracely Medina, the sister of her first husband, a dedicated woman with a big heart, and the founder of “La Voix de l’Enfant” - The Voice of the Child Nabeul. Hildegard’s love for her husband Fateh Emam motivates her to dedicate herself so much to children in need in Afghanistan. For 17 years, Hildegard, grandmother of five adult boys, has been investing all her resources and time to realize this dream.

Co-founder of Vox Infantis

Fateh Emam

Fateh Emam was born in Kabul and later became a Swiss citizen. He lived on three continents before the age of twenty. A great adventurer and diplomat for a time, he travelled the world with his constant lively curiosity and heart-felt sensitivity. After studying law in Paris and political sciences in Lausanne, where he lived since 1952, he obtained a degree in social and political science from the University of Lausanne. He shared his experience in a biographical narrative “Au-delà des mers salées… Un désir de liberté” published in 2007 by L’Harmattan Paris. And then in 2008, at the age of 78, he published his first novel “L’Amant arabe de Miss Anne” also with L’Harmattan Paris. Fateh Emam passed away in October 2011. His literary work and his action with Vox Infantis will survive him for a long time.

Vox Infantis-Parwareshgah Kunduz

Vice President Zabi Majidi

Zabi Majidi is a well-known journalist in Kunduz. He has excellent relations with the governing officials. He is vice-president of the nonprofit organization Vox Infantis-Parwareshgah founded in 2011 in Kunduz on the initiative of Shaista Alikhan, who is the president. The organization has 10 members. Zabi Majidi supervises the functioning of the school and coordinates relations with Vox Infantis in Switzerland. You can find the office of Vox Infantis Kunduz beside the Directorate of Social Affairs, across from Espinsar park.

Partner nonprofit organization in Germany

«Förderverein Parwareshgah Kunduz e.V.» Shaista Alikhan

Shaista Alikhan graduated in architecture and town-planning. She fights for women’s rights and is very dedicated to her cause. She is the main delegate of Vox Infantis Switzerland in Afghanistan. At her initiative, this nonprofit partner organization was founded in 2009 in Bremen. It aims to raise funds in favor of Vox Infantis Kunduz.

The president of the organization is Mrs. Kirsten Wittich

Your donations are tax exempt.

Bank: Commerzbank Bremen 
IBAN: DE37 2904 0090 0111 2481 00

Founder of “La Voix de l’Enfant”- The Voice of the Child Nabeul


Aracely Medina, from El Salvador, is a midwife who worked at the maternity ward and in mother and child protection centers. Janine Grenié, from France, was a professor of philosophy. These two Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame de Sion have lived in Nabeul for many years. In 1995 they opened the nursery for abandoned babies and in 2004 they added a second floor on top of the nursery to open a center for single mothers. Vox Infantis Switzerland helped to finance the equipment of the Center. Today, Aracely Medina has withdrawn from the current activities of “La Voix de l’Enfant” - The Voice of the Child, but she continues to go to visit the babies and the mothers, surrounding them with her love. Janine Grenié passed away in December 2013.

La Voix de l’Enfant – The Voice of the Child, Nabeul

The manager Saloua Abdelkhalek

Saloua has worked at “La Voix de l'Enfant” for 20 years. Here is what she said about her involvement: “I do my best to lead the association, caring for the well-being of the babies in the nursery and the single mothers who come to our Center. We are facing difficult questions: the abandonment of children and the social problems of the families. I have a friendly relationship with the employees because the work these women do requires a great deal of personal and emotional dedication.” Address de La Voix de l’Enfant - The Voice of the Child Rue Tarek Ibn Zied, TN-8000 Nabeul T:+216 72 272 286 Bank account Bank: STB Agence de Nabeul BIC/SWIFT: STBKTNTT925 IBAN: TN5910300031159628278888

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